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As researchers and prospect managers each of you is looking to reveal and then tell a story, whether about the potential and passion of a donor, the viability of a funding opportunity, or the characteristics of a segment. You are probably using a variety of distinct data elements to inform that tale. On Thursday morning I will be leading a shop talk where we discuss the challenges faced when making use of data from external sources, such as wealth vendors, data append services, and social engines.

● How do we effectively harvest, match and manage all that incoming information? ● How do we prioritize what to review? ● Are we skipping some data because it is just too hard to get our arms around? ● What is proving to be predictive and useful? ● How do we select partners to help in that effort? ● Are we caught in a formula and missing what could be a plot twist provided by new information?

Later that same day I have the honor of changing hats to share a presentation titled ​Happiness: A Discussion of Prospering While Embracing Change​ . I am grateful for the chance to share, since this topic represents a personal passion of mine.

My goal for our time together is to provide each of you with evidence-based actionable ideas on how to enhance your own happiness, along with some tools you can consider using professionally within your teams to build resilience in the face of an increasingly complex and changing world. Hopefully we will have some fun together in the process! When we’re done, I hope you will find the suggestions helpful as you formulate the stories you tell yourself…..

Ginger Kane- Vice President of Community Happiness, Uprising Technology​​, ​After over a decade with IBM in various marketing and project management roles, Ginger joined Emory University in 2002 to lead their conversion to the Ellucian Advance platform. This project evolved into a 14-year tenure in Emory's Development and Alumni Relations organization, where Ginger managed a growing IT Operations team. In that role, Ginger guided the team through multiple upgrades, the transition to Advance Web Access, the rollout of numerous partner solutions and operational enhancements. In early 2017, Ginger felt ready for a personal change and opted to resign, granting herself a sabbatical to consider the next chapter of her working life. She recently joined Uprising Technology as Vice President of Community Happiness - a title that makes her smile and a role that allows her to leverage her experience with the broader higher education community - while wearing numerous creative hats.

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