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2019 Apra Florida Conference
Prospect Development UPGRADED!

Florida’s premier conference where prospect development professionals immerse themselves with industry specific career and professional development opportunities.

In this two-day conference, we’re taking Prospect Development to the next level! Expand your knowledge on hot topics like AI, changes in the prospect research profession, leveraging your communication, enhancing your LinkedIn profile, and more.

Join us Thursday, August 29 and Friday, August 30 in beautiful Winter Park, Florida for Prospect Development UPGRADED!



UPGRADE your knowledge with these power sessions:


Governing AI – How to Harness, Rather Than Fear, Its Power | David M. Lawson & Lori Hood-Lawson

When it comes to AI, fear, mistrust, and anxiety are standing in the way of practical implementation of this amazing technology. Join David and Lori, author and editor of Big Good: Philanthropy in the Age of Big Data & Cognitive Computing, as they address your fears; show how, through governance, trust can be earned; and help you turn your anxiety about the future of AI into present-day applications.


Riding the Waves of Change to your Best Career Ever | Jennifer Filla

Join Jen Filla as she discusses how trends in technology, wealth accumulation, and fundraising are changing the prospect research profession. Discover how to leverage these changes to create the career you never knew was possible. Explore your strengths and match them with emerging opportunities to develop career pathways that best fit your personality.


Being in the Room Where it Happens | Merrell Milano

You and your team may be planning in all the right ways, implementing all the right tools, and growing a team focused on the future needs of the organization, but without a plan for effectively communicating these plans, risks, and successes these efforts may go unnoticed, or more notably, may go un-resourced. Why should a VP of Development care about your priorities? Why does a change in technology have an impact on this year’s fundraising goals? In this presentation, participants will hear about how institutions have documented their Advancement Services’ priorities, communicated those priorities to leaders, and the lessons learned from their successes and struggles.

Be LinkedIn or Left Behind! | Debbie Wemyss

Why should LinkedIn matter to you? Attend this informative presentation and find out! Debbie Wemyss has personally coached over 750 professionals in 23 countries and has been a leading (Independent) LinkedIn Coach and Speaker for over 8 years. The presentation will include:

  • Current Statistics and Reach of LinkedIn

  • How Philanthropists use LinkedIn

  • Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

  • 5 Best Practices for Using LinkedIn Effectively

Note: DW Consulting Solutions LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by LinkedIn® Corporation ©2019 DW CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Children of Notable Parents: Targeted Segmentation to Identify Families of Wealth |
Amanda Ward

Chasing down a mysterious “child of notable parent” code led to a project that not only identified new individual prospects but also led to important gift discussions. Capital projects create numerous naming opportunities: opportunities to cement an individual’s legacy with the college. Applying the results of this targeted research project strengthened the families’ relationships with the college and opened doors to new major gifts. Cultivating families as a group supports the current campaign through major gifts honoring their collective experience with the institution and creates a foundation for the future through a culture of philanthropy that will span generations of graduates. Join Amanda as she discusses the college’s approach to and lessons learned in identifying prospects from families of wealth and results from the project.

I’d Rather Die than Speak in Public | Jacey Poppell

Do you have great ideas but the thought of standing up in front of a group to share them makes you want to run for the hills? Then this is the session for you. You’ll learn tips and tricks to not only make it through a presentation but how to make a successful presentation. We’ll touch on presentations for audiences large and small as well as the power of verbal and nonverbal communication in a professional environment. Even if you already feel comfortable speaking in front of a group, join us for an interactive conversation and share with others how you’ve found success in public speaking.


Don't miss this year's Apra Florida conference, Prospect Development UPGRADED!


When: August 29th - August 30th, 2019

Location: The Alfond Inn at Rollins College | 300 E New England Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789


  • Registration: $150.00

Each registration ticket includes a one-year Apra FL membership. A $30.00 value.



Helpful Information


Nearby Airports | Orlando International Airport and Sanford Orlando International Airport 

Recommended Accommodations


Reservations can be made online by using code: APRA, or by calling the hotel directly at 407-998-8070.

Learn More About Our Speakers & Hosts

Jacey Poppell

UCF Advancement

Passionate non-profit professional devoted to building strong internal and external relationships to advance the organization.

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Merell Milano

Bentz Whaley Flessner

With a commitment to best practices and data-driven solutions, Merrell has successfully developed strategies for improving system integration and tailoring business processes that ensure productive outcomes.

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Jennifer Filla

Prospect Research Institute

A resourceful fundraiser with an innovative focus on prospect research, Jen is a researcher, consultant, author, speaker and trainer.

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Amanda Ward

Rollins College

Amanda is the director of research and relationship management at Rollins College. She focuses on preparing profiles for meetings and events, proactive research to identify new prospects, and the parents program.

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

David Lawson

NewSci, LLC

David has been a leader in bringing technology and insights to the philanthropic community for a generation. He created the first asset-based wealth screening service and the first software to manage screening data.

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Lori Hood Lawson

Lori helps to keep the nonprofit sector current in the latest issues and trends. Lori has managed a team of consultants, serving more than 300 nonprofit organizations in the identification of prospective donors via wealth screening.

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Debbie Wemyss

DW Consulting Solutions, LLC

Originally from New England, South Florida has been Debbie's home for forty years. 30+ yrs in marketing, PR & fundraising led Debbie to a new passion for social media with a specific focus on LinkedIn®.

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

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